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Madras Library Association (MALA) was founded on 31st January 1928 by Dr. S.R. Ranganathan and Mr. K.V. Krishnanswamy Aiyar . The library movement in the former Madras Presidency originated as part of the national movement for political freedom and social development. The Indian National Congress spearheaded the movement for Swaraj and its annual conferences provided a platform for other organisations with national goals to hold their meetings. The fifth All India Library Conference was held in Madras, along with the Congress session, during the last week of December 1927. As a followup to the deliberations of this conference, through the initiative of Mr. K.V. Krishnanswamy Aiyar and Dr. S.R. Ranganathan, the Madras Library Association (MALA) was founded on 31st January 1928.

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