MALA Endowment Fund

In order to create MALA ENDOWMENT FUND , a circular was sent to all MALA members through e-mail requesting to contribute towards MALA ENDOWMENT FUND.  We are happy to announce the names of the donors and their contributions.
  1. Dr. K. Nithyanandam  ---  Rs. 10,000
  2. Prof.  Manorama Srinath –-----    Rs. 10,000
  3. Dr. K. Sangeetha  ------  Rs.  10,000
  4. Mr. N. Avudaiyappan  ---   Rs.  25,000
  5. Dr. R. Ramasamy  -------   Rs.  10,000
  6. S.M. Silks Mr. M.S. Manohar -------  Rs.  10,000
  7. Mr. K. Venkat Ramani -----Rs. 10,000/-
  8. Dr. M. Natarajan ------- Rs. 10,000/-
  9. Mr. R. Boopathi ------- Rs. 10,000/-
 10. Mr. P. Janarthanan -------Rs. 15,000/-   
We are glad to inform that MALA instituted following awards in the names of the donors to encourage LIS Professionals and teachers.
1.  Dr.  K. Nithyanandam – Dr. Malliga Nithyanandam  Life Time Achievement Award
2.  Prof.  Manorama Srinath  Best Teacher Award
3.  Dr. K. Sangeetha Kamaraj  Best Young Librarian Award
4.  Noolaga Ulagam Mr. N. Avudaiyappan  Best Librarian Award
5.  RRLF Dr. R. Ramasamy  Best Public Librarian Award
6. S.M. Silks Mr. M.S. Manohar  Certificate of Honour Awarda