Wednesday, August 10, 2022

MALA Awards-Important Announcement-Code of Conduct

Dear Recipients, this is just a kind formal intimation on the conduct of the event to ensure that there is no chaos or confusion in the premises alongside the presence of dignitaries. That ought to be followed on entering the premises, 

✓ The event begins at 10:00AM and will go up to 1:00PM post-event lunch will be provided. 

✓ Standard Pick up and drop facility at specified times will be available from TambaramTNPESU Campus. 

✓ On entering the premises you’re requested to sign in the register and make an entry through the registration desk placed outside the auditorium. Certificate, Recipient/Sponsor Pass, will also be handed-over in the registration desk. 

✓ There will be high proximity of VIPs in the premises hence, the professionals are requested to be seated in their respective chairs. 

✓ Gathering on the stage in the presence of VIPs gets to spoil the orchestrating of event, and will be an act of dishonouring the name of the association. 

✓ We utterly understand your enthusiasm, your seats will be arranged in accordance to your certificate number so please be seated over there to avoid the chaos, in time you’d be called on the stage to be awarded with your certificate. 

✓ We’re a single family, The MALA Family. When we avoid all the chaos, it would enable us to finish the event on time by fulfilling each and everyone’s expectation of the event. 

✓ If you found any discrepancies on the event, we also request you to lodge your feedback by scanning the QR Code and fill-up your feedback through the G Form. Each one of your feedback is important for us to ensure that those mistakes aren’t repeated in future.

 ✓ COVID-19 SOS/Precautions should be strictly followed 

" Route Details".

Tambaram ---- Perungalathur ---- Vandalur zoo ---Kandigai    ---- Sports University Library Auditorium ( 2nd floor)

There is a direct Bus from Tambaram -- Route No. 55M.


Bus routes to Kandigai from Tambaram:

515, 517, 519, 555, 115, 55 K, 55D, 55C, 555M.

There is 2 Kms from Kandigai to venue -- Sports University.


However, 2 Vans with MALA  Awards  banners will pick from Tambaram    and drop in Sport's University. There are another 2 Vans with Awards banners will pick up participants from Vandalur zoo to Sports University. Morning tiffin is arranged in Sports University Canteen.

Van timings :  Vans will start from Tambaram and Vandalur Zoo at 

8 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m. 

Vans will drop back participants from Sports University to Vandalur Zoo, and Tambaram.